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5 Signs You Need a Bathroom Remodel in 2019 January 2, 2019

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5 Signs You Need a Bathroom Remodel in 2019, Clinton, Connecticut

Whether you’re preparing to sell your house or simply want to better enjoy your own home, one of the first places you should start is the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house, and also a place where the style is difficult to change due to the number of permanent fixtures, so an outdated or worn out bathroom is very apparent to both residents and guests. Here are a few signs that a bathroom remodel could help.

When to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

1. Inconvenient Layout

Modern homes put a lot of emphasis on open, comfortable floor plans and functional, accessible spaces. Just shuffling your toilet, bathtub, sink, and cupboards could free up a huge amount of floor space, making the bathroom feel luxurious and easier to use.

2. Not Enough Storage

Similarly, if you don’t have enough cupboard space for towels, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies, a redesign can help you take better advantage of the space you have. This includes recessing cupboards into your walls to get a few extra inches of depth.

3. Deteriorating Plumbing & Fixtures

Bathroom RemodelIf you suffer from frequent leaks and drips, replacing your bathroom plumbing can actually cost less in the long run than constantly calling the plumber. You’ll also avoid the cost of water damage and mold remediation with this approach.

4. Bad Smells

However well you clean, older bathrooms simply begin to smell, as odorous substances seep into the grout, caulk, and even the walls. Sometimes, the only way to get your bathroom completely clean and fresh is with a bathroom remodel to replace these surfaces.

5. Outdated Design

Often, you can tell when a home was built due to the colors and styles of the bathroom. For example, yellow-toned surfaces are currently out while a clean white, gray, or black palette is in, and while wallpaper can be used in a modern bathroom, the print can give older installations away. Updating the bathroom can make the whole house feel newer.


If you’re ready for a bathroom remodel, choose Porcelain Glaze in Clinton, CT. Serving Middlesex County for over 30 years, they provide skilled, modern repair and remodeling services, from replacing missing tiles and refurbishing tubs to completely redoing your bathroom. To discuss your project, call (860) 669-2576 or follow them on Facebook.

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