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How to Accomodate Food Allergies When Planning Catering December 26, 2018

How to Accomodate Food Allergies When Planning Catering, Ewa, Hawaii

Whether you’re planning a corporate lunch or catering a wedding, making sure your guests will enjoy the food is the goal. In addition to picking out delicious items, you also need to protect those with food allergies. Estimated to affect nearly 15 million Americans, food allergies can cause individuals to experience a wide range of symptoms, including life-threatening ones. To ensure your event is safe and fun for every person in attendance, here are a few steps to take when making catering arrangements.

4 Ways to Cater Safely to Guests With Food Allergies

1. Poll Your Guests

Before you plan your menu with the catering company, ask every guest to let you know if they have any special dietary restrictions or food allergies. Depending on the responses, you may want to eliminate certain ingredients altogether, such as nuts or fish.

2. Request Allergen-Free Dishes

To ensure you have delicious options for all attendees, ask your catering company to prepare a few dishes without common allergens like dairy, nuts, shellfish, wheat, and eggs. To avoid any risk of cross-contamination, request that these dishes be made separately from those that involve allergens.

3. Separate Sensitive Add-Ons

cateringIf your menu contains any items with toppings, like pasta or salad, keep all add-ons separate. For example, cheese and sunflower seeds may be kept in separate dishes, allowing guests to put them on their food if they choose. This precaution lets those with food allergies enjoy the main dish without having to worry about a flare-up of symptoms.

4. Use Clear Labels

Label any dishes that contain potentially sensitive ingredients, such as nuts, dairy, or wheat. Make sure the labels feature large print and are easy to read. This will reduce the risk of people with allergies accidentally serving themselves something they shouldn’t eat.


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