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A Landlord’s Guide to Illegal Evictions December 27, 2018

Granville, Licking
A Landlord’s Guide to Illegal Evictions, Granville, Ohio

Every landlord hopes they will never need to evict tenants, but it may be necessary to protect your property and financial interests. You should be prepared for this situation if you own a rental property. There are very strict regulations that landlords must follow in evicting a tenant, and handling the process inappropriately could lead to severe issues. Follow the guide below to understand the importance of working with a lawyer during this process.

What to Know about Evicting Tenants

The Dangers of Illegal Eviction

lawyerIf landlords do not follow the specific regulations for warning or notifying tenants and handling the eviction, then they are subject to some serious consequences. For example, in the case of an illegal “self-help” eviction such as changing the locks or turning off the utilities, tenants have rights to sue for damages. In the state of Ohio, the landlord will also be responsible for the tenant’s court costs and attorney fees.

How to Protect Yourself

It’s easy to get upset when a tenant becomes difficult, but don’t react without the proper measures. Your best solution is to talk with a lawyer before taking any action. Your lawyer will be able to tell you every step you need to take–and what to avoid doing–so the tenant cannot take any legal action against you. They’ll recommend keeping documentation of every communication you have with the tenant. This means copies of leases, copies of emails or letters sent to the tenant, and all payments or damages recorded for the property. Make note of any oral conversations you have with the tenant, including the time and date and what was said.


If you have difficult tenants you need to evict, trust the lawyers at Vernau Law LLC to guide you safely and effectively through the process. This law office has served clients throughout Knox, Licking, Muskingum, and Franklin Counties for more than 25 years. Their complete range of services includes estate planning, family law, landlord representation, and more. Call (740) 587-2637 or send them a message on their website to schedule a consultation at their office in Granville, OH.

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