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3 Reasons to Throw a Welcome-Back Party for School Teachers December 27, 2018

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3 Reasons to Throw a Welcome-Back Party for School Teachers, Wahiawa, Hawaii

If you’re a school principal or administrator, welcoming your teachers back with a fun party can provide a major boost to your academic environment. Whether you’re returning from a long summer break or a winter holiday, gathering your educators and treating them to party catering, festive décor, and other treats is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Here are just a few specific reasons why a welcome-back party is worth planning.

3 Benefits of Welcome-Back Parties for School Teachers & Staff

1. Start the Year Off With Positivity

The beginning of the school season can set the tone for the entire year. When teachers feel empowered and happy about the professional support and resources they have, they will often become more excited about the upcoming challenges of the job. A party that’s equipped with colorful decorations and delicious catering shows teachers that their work is valued and that they are part of a strong community.

2. Introduce New Hires

cateringWhen school is in session, the work environment can get hectic, making it especially difficult for new hires to feel at home within the institution. Welcome-back parties, fortunately, provide a chance for both new and veteran educators to introduce themselves, share professional goals, and form strong working relationships. New teachers who attend a catered party will then be able to start their year feeling confident about their work—and connected with their colleagues.  

3. Relax & Enjoy Food

During the school year, educators’ and administrators’ main focus is giving children the resources they need to learn in a healthy, encouraging, and safe environment. With all of this hard work, the staff may not always have a chance to relax and celebrate past and future accomplishments with their coworkers. A welcome-back party helps remove the stresses of the job and allows teachers to relax, socialize, and satisfy their taste buds with excellent food provided by a catering company.


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