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3 Electrical Wiring Mistakes New Homeowners Often Make December 21, 2018

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3 Electrical Wiring Mistakes New Homeowners Often Make, Hamden, Connecticut

Many first-time homeowners need to save money wherever they can, so they usually try to DIY as many improvement projects as possible. While this is fine if you’re painting walls or putting in a new floor, safely working with electrical wiring requires extensive training, expertise, and years of experience. Here are some of the most common electrical mistakes new homeowners make.

3 Common Electricity Mistakes to Avoid

1. Using the Wrong Circuit Breaker

electrical wiringTraditional circuit breakers are excellent for protecting your furnace and other valuable equipment from electrical surges, but they don’t prevent fires caused by water, shorts, or other factors. This is why modern codes mandate the use of ground fault circuit interrupters — GFCI — which shut off the electricity when it notices an imbalance between outgoing and incoming power. Failing to use GFCI outlets in the right areas could put your family at risk of dangerous shocks or electrical fires.

2. Installing the Wrong Covers on Outdoor Outlets

Standard “bubble” outlet covers, which flip upward to expose the outlet, only provide meaningful protection from moisture when it’s not in use. If you keep your holiday lights or water feature plugged in for an extended period, rain can easily get into the electrical wiring, causing a potentially dangerous short. “In use” covers protect the entire outlet and plug, allowing you to leave your lights plugged in all winter without worrying.

3. Overloading Outlets

Many older homes were designed for families who didn’t have laptops and tablets, so they often have a shortage of outlets. Using power strips and extension cords to expand the use of limited outlets might seem like a good solution, but older homes also tend to have outdated electrical wiring, which can catch fire if overloaded. If you need more power access, hiring an electrician to install new outlets will keep your family safe and provide valuable peace of mind.

Electric wiring can be confusing and dangerous, so leave it to the experts at Viscuso Electric & Son. Their team of accomplished electricians has over 35 years of experience serving homeowners throughout New Haven County, CT, offering everything from minor upgrades to installing electrical wiring in new homes. Visit their website for an overview of their services, get more tips and advice on Facebook, or call (203) 230-8388 to speak with an electrician and request a quote.

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