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4 Tips for Preventing Chronic Neck Pain December 26, 2018

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4 Tips for Preventing Chronic Neck Pain, Anchorage, Alaska

Chronic neck pain can make even the most routine daily tasks difficult and cumbersome. While it’s always important to have a professional assess the source of any unrelenting pain when it develops, there are a few ways you can help keep discomfort from happening in the first place. Here are a few practical tips for promoting neck health and keeping chronic pain at bay.

A Guide to Preventing Persistent Neck Pain

1. Perfect Your Posture

Poor posture can strain the muscles and ligaments supporting the neck, which can contribute to injury. Often, many people allow their upper bodies to hunch over without realizing it. To support the head and neck, the shoulders should be in a straight line over the hips. Practice proper posture while both sitting and standing for best results.

2. Be Mindful of Work Habits

Many people with desk jobs tend to fall into a few habits which can compromise neck health. Staring at a computer monitor for long periods of time can create tension in the neck and shoulders, resulting in stiffness. Get up and stretch or walk around at least once per hour. Gentle neck rolls are also beneficial for the upper spine.

3. Practice Phone Safety

neck painThe frequency with which we use our phones has increased significantly in recent years, and our necks are suffering as a result. Looking down at a phone puts stress on the spinal system, causing neck pain. Raise your phone to eye level, and try to minimize usage time when possible. If you talk on the phone frequently, avoid holding it between your ear and shoulder, as this also strains the neck.

4. Distribute Weight Evenly

When carrying heavy groceries, only lift what you can manage comfortably. Avoid loading one shoulder more than the other. The same goes for purses: Try to lighten your load as much as possible, and consider purchasing a bag which distributes weight evenly. Cross-body bags and backpacks may put less pressure on only one side of the body compared to satchels and totes.


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