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3 Benefits of Prenatal Massage December 26, 2018

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3 Benefits of Prenatal Massage, Shiloh, Illinois

Massage therapy can be an important and valuable part of any expectant mother's prenatal care plan. For centuries, massage has been celebrated for its relaxing and restorative properties, but the benefits of prenatal massage go beyond the merely comforting. Below are a few health advantages of massage during pregnancy.

3 Health Advantages of Prenatal Massage

1. Regulate Hormones

It's no secret that a woman's hormone levels fluctuate dramatically throughout pregnancy. Prenatal massage can help regulate these fluctuations, leading to a more stable mood and better cardiovascular health. Also, those "feel-good" benefits of massage that are so well-documented—the increase in serotonin and dopamine—can make for a calmer labor process with a reduced risk of complications.

2. Decrease Nerve Pain

prenatal massageCarrying a child places substantial pressure on various nerve systems within the body. Sciatica, for instance, can cause extreme pain in the lower back and pelvis. The additional weight supported by the legs might also cause nerve pressure and discomfort, especially in the thighs. Prenatal massage loosens tense muscles, which alleviates stress on the nerves.

3. Reduce Swelling

The weight that a pregnant woman carries in her uterus encourages swelling, often in the legs and feet. Swollen joints are not only uncomfortable, but they can also make it all but impossible to move around. When you get a prenatal massage, the body's soft tissues are stimulated, and the lymph system can more efficiently remove built-up fluid and waste. As a result, swelling goes down, and you'll often find it easier, less painful, and less cumbersome to move around.


Prenatal massage is focused on improving and maintaining health for mother and baby. To schedule a session, contact Arya Medical Spa in Shiloh, IL. They provide all types of massage therapy and spa services, including skin care treatments, facials, and more. You can reach them by calling (618) 624-7300, visiting their website, or sending them a message on Facebook.

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