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How to Keep a Used iPad® Tablet Running Fast December 27, 2018

Bend, Deschutes
How to Keep a Used iPad® Tablet Running Fast, Bend, Oregon

As used iPad® tablets age, users often experience lagging and slower operating speeds. This can be frustrating, particularly when the device is used for business-related tasks, gaming, and entertainment streaming. Before you ditch your old device for something new, follow these tips to keep your used iPad running efficiently.

3 Tips for Faster iPad Speeds

1. Check Your Connection

Before making any changes to your device, it’s a good idea to first confirm that you’re using a good internet connection. Restart both your iPad and router to see if that solves the problem. If not, try strengthening your Wi-Fi connection by moving the router to an elevated location closer to where you use your wireless electronics. Additionally, ensure the router is not placed near your microwave, as the waves it produces can interfere with your signal strength.

2. Create More Storage Space

used ipadsUsed iPad tablets often accumulate a lot of software and data, which can have a major impact on the speed at which they operate. Improve your device speeds by deleting unused apps, old photos and videos, and even text message chains. If you’re unsure how most of your device’s storage is being used, go to Settings > General > Storage. Choosing to clear your browsing history—Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data—can also help free up precious space on used iPad tablets.

3. Install the Latest Update

While it may seem counterintuitive to install the latest iOS software on a slow iPad with limited storage, it can actually go a long way toward improving your device’s speed. When Apple® releases a new update, they do so because it contains important fixes to bugs, glitches, and potential security issues that keep your device from working its best. If you’re unsure whether your iPad is too old to handle the latest software, bring it to a certified pre-owned Apple expert for troubleshooting assistance and advice on whether an upgrade is the better option.


If you’ve gone through the basics and now need an expert to help outfit and upgrade your used iPad, turn to Experimac Bend in Oregon. Serving customers across Deschutes County, their team includes skilled technicians who are equipped to handle your iPhone®, MacBook®, and iPad repairs, no matter how extensive. When it’s time to upgrade, they also offer a wide variety of certified pre-owned Apple products for sale, helping you meet your device needs at an affordable price. To learn more about their data recovery and repair services, visit them online. To inquire about their current inventory of used iPad tablets for sale, give them a call at (541) 797-6863.

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