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3 Popular Materials for Residential Garage Doors December 27, 2018

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3 Popular Materials for Residential Garage Doors, Rochester, New York

As many homeowners keep valuable items tucked away behind residential garage doors, the installations should be sturdy and hard to tamper with. The fixtures are often visible from the street, too, which means the quality of the door can impact the aesthetic appeal of a property. If your current system has fallen into disrepair, investing in a replacement can boost property value and keep your possessions safe from theft. Knowing more about available options will make it easier to find a suitable solution for your space.  

3 Durable Residential Garage Door Materials

1. Steel

Often comprised of two layers of galvanized steel, these doors can withstand regular use with minimal signs of wear. The material comes with lower price points when compared with alternatives like wood and come in many colors including Woodtone to complement the hues in the landscape or on the property facade. You can also get a steel door with composite overlays for the look of a custom carriage style door. Steel doors are durable and should not rust as long as you follow the maintenance requirements from the manufacturer.

2. Wood

Wooden residential garage doors will bring beauty and warmth to your property. Mahogany and cedar popular species used to create the panels, with the materials manufactured in layers to prevent warping. Although wood is available at various price points, it is typically more expensive than other materials. Because of the constant exposure to the elements, the doors will need routine refinishing to remain in top condition. 

3. Fiberglass

Rochester-New-York-residential-garage-doors Fiberglass is the chameleon of residential garage doors, able to mimic the look and texture of metal or wood fixtures. The material is lauded for its strength and durability, as it won’t dent, warp, rot, crack, or rust like other materials. Fiberglass doors tend to have a higher price that steel doors.


If you want to upgrade your current residential garage doors, the technicians at Tracey Door Co. are eager to introduce you to a world of options. With over 30 years of experience serving residents in Greater Rochester, NY, the team is equipped to find the best fixtures to add beauty to your home and withstand harsh weather conditions in the Northeast. They will also fix garage doors and provide maintenance advice to prevent break-ins and other dangerous situations. To schedule garage door installation or repair in Monroe County, call (585) 426-6060. Visit the company online for a list of brands they carry and Facebook to see project photos for inspiration. 

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