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5 Signs it's Time for Replacement Windows January 3, 2019

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5 Signs it's Time for Replacement Windows, Fairbanks, Alaska

If you have classified your first home as a “fixer-upper,” its current windows may not contribute to a comfortable, energy-efficient residence. Replacement windows help seal your home against the elements to avoid chilly drafts in addition to providing extra security and contributing to curb appeal. Familiarize yourself with signs your home’s windows need replacing so you can schedule services promptly. 

Top 5 Signs to Purchase Replacement Windows Now

1. Higher Energy Bills

Drafts from deteriorating window seals or weatherstripping not only contribute to a colder residence, they cause energy bills to spike. If your home is otherwise energy-efficient, take a look at your windows. Their frames may have warped and sealants may have broken down.

2. Mechanical Difficulties

replacement windowsOpening and closing your windows should not take serious effort. You could get injured, especially if the window glass is not engineered to prevent shattering. Opening and closing problems also make your home less safe against intruders. Whether your open/close issues are due to warped frames or any other problem, start browsing replacement window options.

3. Excessive Noise

Window glass from several decades ago likely does not have insulation that keeps outside noises where they belong. Deteriorating seals also make it easy for outside noise to enter and disrupt your home. Double- and triple-paned replacement windows with insulating properties contribute to the peaceful atmosphere you want.

4. Outdated Appearance

Faded or peeling paint, old-fashioned grills, and foggy glass that never quite comes clean are among the factors contributing to outdated, dirty-looking windows that affect your property’s curb appeal. If you are tired of grimacing every time you view your house from the outside, get these features replaced.

5. Condensation

While condensation on the outside or inside of your windows is not cause for concern, condensation in between glass panes points to frame issues such as deteriorating sealants. You will likely notice drafts, more noise, and higher energy bills in conjunction with the condensation.


If replacement windows are in your immediate future, contact Fairbanks Paint & Glass to enjoy a broad selection of high-quality products. The Fairbanks, AK, company installs, repairs, and replaces windows while also providing paint accessories and fiberglass supplies among other products and services. Call (907) 456-7758 today to discuss your needs or send them a message online. Get more home improvement help on Facebook.

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