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3 Reasons Why You Need to Secure Your Small Business January 7, 2019

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Secure Your Small Business, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

No company is too small to have the possibility of a cyber-attack threaten its future. As a small business owner who is serious about growth, you need to invest in cyber security measures. They will keep your data safe if hackers decide to break in.

Why Should You Invest in Cyber Security for Your Small Business?

1. Hackers Can't Hold Your Business Ransom

Odds are you’ve heard of data breaches at large companies like Sony and Target. Hackers held these companies’ private information—like Target customers' credit card numbers—ransom. If you have a small business, you are even more vulnerable to this threat. In fact, in 2015, 43% of all cyber-attacks targeted companies with fewer than 250 employees.

You can stay ahead of the crime with cyber security incorporated into your business. The most effective protection is a multi-layered approach:

  • Antivirus software helps you avoid attacks in the first place. It finds threats to your system and eliminates them.
  • Remote data backup saves a copy of your entire company system. If you're hacked, you have all your records safe from ransom.

2. You’ll Have Protection From Known & Unknown Threats

Most small businesses buy off-the-shelf protection to protect themselves online. This coverage isn’t enough to combat cyber criminals. They know the details of these rudimentary security plans and how to work around them. IT professionals offer more than simply baseline coverage. They protect your business from existing threats and anticipate future risks that could arise. With a plan that thinks ahead, your cyber security will have your back and evolve to handle new issues.

3. A Data Breach Could Cost You Your Business

Big companies’ revenues are so substantial that a cyber-attack has little effect on their overall business. Around 60% of small companies that fall victim to this threat, however, have to close their doors within six months. The expenses for recovery usually do you in—clean-up costs average $690,000 for small businesses. Save yourself the trouble by stopping these incidents before they happen.


With a team of IT specialists on your side, you will have a line of defense when hackers find their way into your system. In St. Peters, MO, small businesses trust HBB Tech with their tech issues, whether it’s fixing a slow Wi-Fi connection or protecting against a cyber-attack. With nearly 40 years of combined experience, this team will prep your business for whatever threats could come your way, as well as create a transparent IT experience that isn’t bogged down by confusing industry jargon. To see how HBB Tech can cater to your team’s needs, call (636) 542-8653 or visit their website.

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