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4 Reasons Why Painting Classes and Parties Are Great Stress Relievers December 20, 2018

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4 Reasons Why Painting Classes and Parties Are Great Stress Relievers, Keller, Texas

If you are feeling stressed out from work or family duties, take a step back and attend something fun, like a paint party. Not only will you have an opportunity to create something beautiful from scratch while drinking wine with your friends, but art has long been an outlet for one's emotions. Below are some ways these events can elevate your mood.

How Can a Paint Class Help You Relax?

1. It Can Provide a Distraction

Whether you're painting a dog or a beautiful beach landscape, art can be transportive. Let your mind focus only on your materials and imagination, letting everything else fade away. Afterward, you will be able to refocus with a clearer mind.

2. You Can Be Around Friends

A paint party is a great place to bring your close friends. While creating your masterpieces, enjoy chatting and catching up. Perhaps, they can even provide you with insight into your problem.

3. Discover Health Benefits

paint partyNew research has suggested that art can put one into a mental state similar to meditation, which, in turn, has positive effects on one's overall health. For example, chemotherapy patients who participated in art therapy experienced less negative symptoms than those who didn't. In addition, it has helped those with depression, and eating and learning disorders.

4. You Can Drink Wine

For all the wine lovers out there, libations are often provided at painting parties. With recent scientific data supporting the idea that a moderate amount of alcohol per day can help improve mood and ease tension, treat yourself to a glass as a way to unwind after a stressful day. 


Looking for a painting  class or party in Keller, TX? Turn to Pickled Picasso. From date nights to birthday parties, they host all kinds of occasions, their instructors leading you step-by-step to create a piece of artwork you can be proud of. For more information about their services, visit their website or call (817) 741-6889 to book today.

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