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3 Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior During Winter December 24, 2018

Canarsie, Brooklyn
3 Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Exterior During Winter, Brooklyn, New York

The winter season causes all sorts of problems for car owners. Aside from poor road conditions, the elements and freezing temperatures can inflict damage on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. To prepare for the cold months ahead, here are some tips to protect your vehicle and avoid the need for costly auto repair services.

3 Tips to Shield Your Vehicle From the Winter Elements

1. Wash & Wax Your Vehicle

auto repairRoad salt improves road conditions but wreaks havoc on the exterior of a vehicle. If there are areas of your car that are already beginning to rust, salt will accelerate the corrosion. Wash your vehicle regularly through winter to remove salt and particle build-up. Waxing also protects the paint from the elements; use an acrylic resin or polymer sealant for the best results.

2. Check the Tire Pressure

Temperature changes cause tires to lose pressure more frequently. Check the pressure throughout the season and fill your tires as necessary. Low tire pressure is dangerous during the winter, as the tread will be unable to grip the road in slippery conditions.

3. Store or Cover Your Vehicle

Even with routine washing and waxing, storing your vehicle in a home garage or parking garage is the best way to protect it from the elements. If you don’t have access to a garage, purchase a high-quality cover. This is especially important if you plan to go on vacation for an extended period, as this will keep your vehicle safe from the elements.


If you need a reliable mechanic for auto repair services this winter, turn to the team at Puma’s Auto Care in Brooklyn, NY. For over 17 years, the highly trained technicians have supplied a wide range of auto repair solutions, including everything from oil changes and tune-ups to engine repair and brake service. To schedule an appointment for an auto repair service, call (718) 272-6306. You can also visit their website to learn more about the full list of services they offer.

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