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3 Signs You Don't Have the Right HVAC System for Your Home December 26, 2018

Perry, Lake
3 Signs You Don't Have the Right HVAC System for Your Home, Perry, Ohio

When your home’s indoor temperature isn’t comfortable, many factors could be to blame. The most common culprit is your heating and cooling system. Sometimes, your air conditioner and furnace aren’t adequately installed, are the wrong size, or need repairs. When HVAC services fail to fix the problem, a replacement might be in your best interests. Here are some indications it’s time to call an experienced cooling and heating contractor. 

3 Signs You Need a New HVAC System 

1. It Runs Nonstop

Whether you have the air conditioning or heat on, your system should never run nonstop. Air conditioners and furnaces should be sized based on several factors, including your home’s square footage and the size of the ductwork. A unit that constantly runs is probably too small for your home.

2. Your Utility Bills Are High

HVAC servicesWhen HVAC services are needed, it’s always reflected in your energy usage. That’s because units near the end of their life span tend to use more energy to function. Systems that are too small also run more frequently to try to compensate for it. Therefore, if your utility costs have risen or have stayed high, it’s time to inspect your heating and cooling equipment. Installing a newer, energy-efficient model that is properly sized can save you hundreds each year.

3. Temperatures Aren’t Consistent Throughout Your Home

Your heating and cooling system should leave every room in your house comfortable and at the same temperature. If hot or cold pockets exist throughout, your HVAC system could be the wrong size or have been improperly installed. Either way, you might need a different system to correct the problem. 


Residents throughout Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties in Ohio who need HVAC services can rely on DK Heating & Sons in Perry. For approximately 60 years, this family-owned air conditioning and heating business has specialized in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs for both commercial and residential customers. Their certified technicians are also available 24 hours a day for jobs of all sizes. Call (440) 259-4557 or visit them online to request a free estimate for HVAC services.

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