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How Does Your HVAC System Affect Your Home? December 24, 2018

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How Does Your HVAC System Affect Your Home?, Lawrence Park, Pennsylvania

Your home heating system does more than keep you comfortable year-round; it impacts your health and bank account. With regular maintenance and HVAC services, your system will function efficiently, saving you money and keeping you healthy. Whether you’re a new homeowner or merely want to understand your heating and cooling system better, here is a quick guide to its effects on your health and finances.

A Quick Guide to Your HVAC System’s Effects on Your Home 

1. Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency has found that indoor air can be polluted by contaminants, such as mold and pollen, due to a malfunctioning or poorly maintained HVAC system. These pollutants can cause your family to experience headaches, upper respiratory problems, and skin irritation. An efficient unit will filter your air, cleaning it as it’s pumped into your home.

2. Your Finances

HVAC serviceA lack of maintenance and HVAC services can negatively affect your finances. When your heating and cooling system isn’t properly maintained, it can experience clogged filters, loose connections, and air leaks, all of which contribute to high energy usage and expensive energy bills. 

3. Property Value

The quality of your HVAC system can play a major role in attracting buyers if you decide to sell your home. During an inspection, an unbiased home inspector will create a report on your system’s effectiveness and condition, reporting any issues to buyers. That’s why it’s so important to work with a qualified contractor to keep it in good shape. They will maintain your system over time and will repair issues immediately before they can cause major damage.


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