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3 Steps to Prepare for Carpet Installation December 26, 2018

Sunset Acres, Lincoln
3 Steps to Prepare for Carpet Installation, Lincoln, Nebraska

A carpet can add color and texture to a room. However, as with any new flooring, some preparation work needs to be done before it can be installed. The guide below lists steps homeowners can take to ready their house before the professionals show up.

What to Do Before a Professional Carpet Installation

1. Clear the Room

Contractors can’t freely remove or lay carpeting if anything is pressing on it, so move all of your furniture to another room, taking care not to block the space to the front door since they will have to travel back and forth frequently. Also, remove art and any other wall decor, which may get bumped during the installation process.  If you’re updating your entire home, consider renting a storage unit until the job is done.

2. Protect Existing Flooring

carpetIf you’re only redoing the floor in one room, take steps to protect the other ones in your home by laying drop cloths over them. Secure the edges with duct tape to limit the risk of anyone tripping over bunched-up fabric. In addition, have extra cloths available in case the contractors need a space to hold all of their tools and equipment.

3. Wrap Up Other Work

Many homeowners update their carpet as part of a larger remodeling project. If you’re doing any work on your walls, windows, or doors, finish those tasks first before installing new floors, since having workers repeatedly walking over it or causing other messes may only serve to damage your new investment.


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