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4 Important Documents to Obtain After a Car Accident Injury December 26, 2018

Wallingford, New Haven County
4 Important Documents to Obtain After a Car Accident Injury, Wallingford, Connecticut

The last thing you want to think about after a car accident injury is tracking down paperwork. The good news is that once it has been compiled, you won't have to request it again. Providing relevant information to your insurance company or personal injury attorney will save you money and stress in the long run. Plus, reviewing these documents occasionally will help you keep the details of the accident fresh in your mind.

1. Traffic Accident Police Report

Connecticut statutes require car accidents to be reported within five days if the injury or damage incurred is equivalent to $1,000 or more. There are no exceptions when fatalities are involved. The responding police department will file an official report containing the details of your accident. Obtaining a copy will allow you to review it for accuracy as well as provide important details to your personal injury attorney or insurance adjuster.

2. Photographs of Injuries and Property Damage

personal injury attorneyPictures of injuries and damages related to the accident can paint a vivid picture for people trying to assess what occurred. They can also be used as evidence for judges, jury members, insurance adjusters, and personal injury attorneys. While it's most important to seek treatment for your injuries first, taking relevant pictures, when possible, could be useful in advancing your claim.

3. Medical Records and Bills

Organizing your medical records and bills can quickly become a more overwhelming task than you think. Hospitals tend to work with outside laboratories and physicians' groups to aid with your care. If you don't receive a copy of the records at the time of treatment, then you will have to call each provider to obtain one. Saving copies of all invoices and bills will assist with accounting and calculating settlements if the matter progresses.

4. Citations Issued to Any Parties at the Scene-of-the-Accident

Keeping a copy of citations issued by police can be helpful in demonstrating fault on behalf of the driver who allegedly caused the accident. For example, if you were injured due to someone running a red light and the officer issues a citation for the offense, then your claim holds more weight when it comes to proving that the accident could have been prevented. A personal injury attorney can use this information to maximize the results of your case.


Any documents you've obtained relating to your car accident or injuries will be helpful when discussing the matter with a personal injury attorney. The experienced team at Loughlin Fitzgerald P.C. has collectively served the New Haven County, CT area for more than 125 years. You can contact their Wallingford office by calling toll-free (866) 475-8805 or filling out a contact form on their website.

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