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Top 3 Benefits of Gas Insert Fireplaces During Power Outages December 18, 2018

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Top 3 Benefits of Gas Insert Fireplaces During Power Outages, Penfield, New York

There’s nothing quite like getting cozy by a warm fireplace in winter. The problem for many homeowners is that traditional wood fireplaces are not an efficient way to enjoy a fire.  Even with glass doors closed, must of the heat produced by the fire and the heat from the furnace all end up going up the chimney! The solution is having a gas insert installed. A gas insert draws air for burn down one channel of flue and exhausts up a second tube, thereby isolating your home air from the burn process.  The fan system included in the unit takes room air and heats it from outside the burn chamber and then returns it to the room.  That’s what makes them rated as efficient furnaces!  These reliable heating units can provide warmth to your home even when you’re without power, which is critical in the cold winter months. Check out the following reasons why gas inserts are perfect for combating power issues when the temperature drops.

Top 3 Reasons Gas Inserts Are Ideal for Homeowners During Power Outages

1. They Create Peace of Mind

Winter storms are known for knocking out power in residential communities. This can be a serious issue because it prevents electric fireplaces and furnaces from heating the home. Gas inserts, however, provide reliable heat even without power, which translates to peace of mind knowing that you won’t be faced with needing to find somewhere warm to stay if you lose power.

2. They Are Easy to Operate

gas insertYou don’t want to deal with tending a fire when you’re without power. The good news is that gas inserts operate with just the push of a button. This means you won’t have to stress or or worry about leaving a wood fire unattended and going to bed  in the cold and dark.

3. They Allow You to Help Others

Losing power in winter can be stressful for those without reliable sources of heat, but having a fireplace insert means that you can choose to open your door to family, friends, and neighbors. Whether you choose to break out a deck of cards, play a board game, or just hang out and talk, everyone will be glad to have a cozy place to congregate.


Don’t settle for burdensome or unreliable sources of heat this winter. Gas inserts are highly efficient, affordable, and easy to operate. Cricket On The Hearth Inc. in Rochester, NY, is a family-owned company that has provided area residents with the most comprehensive selection of fireplaces and stoves for more than 50 years. To learn more about their entire inventory, call them at (585) 385-2420 or visit them online.

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