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How to Spot and Avoid Drunk Drivers December 21, 2018

Central Business District, Waterbury
How to Spot and Avoid Drunk Drivers, Waterbury, Connecticut

Alcohol impairs brain function, reducing a person’s ability to think, reason, and react accordingly. Although getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is dangerous, personal injury lawyers continue to handle drunk driving cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 29 people die each day as a result of drunk driving. Below is information to help you spot drunk drivers and protect yourself.

What Are Signs of a Drunk Driver?

personal injury lawyerThe first sign to look out for is erratic driving patterns. As a person’s ability to perceive distances decreases, they may veer across lanes or hug the center line in an attempt to avoid swerving. They also often exaggerate basic maneuvers, for instance by making very wide turns or stopping several feet from a stop sign or traffic light.

Failure to obey the speed limit is another warning signal. A drunk driver may go over the speed limit because of lowered inhibitions—or go under the speed limit in an attempt to be cautious. This latter is often coupled with excessive braking in a further effort to avoid detection. 

How Can You Avoid an Accident?

A drunk driver is a risk to everyone on the road. If you notice dangerous behaviors, get out of the way—a serious crash can require you to consult with a personal injury lawyer. Do not try to pass the automobile or attempt to get them to pull over. Maintain a safe distance in case they swerve or stop quickly.

Pull over to a safe space as soon as possible and call emergency services. Tell the operator your location, the direction of the car’s travel, and any identifying details such as its color or model. The police will take the necessary measures to get them off the road safely.    


If you sustained an injury because of a drunk driver, consult The Law Office of Gregory G. St. John of Waterbury, CT, regarding your legal options. A personal injury lawyer can file a claim to ensure you receive damages for medical bills and wages lost due to time off work. This family-operated law firm has deep roots in the community dating back over 40 years and their attorneys are proud to carry on a tradition of top-quality service. To schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, call (203) 759-0240. To view their personal injury services, visit their website

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