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Why You Should Grab a Pie for Holiday Parties December 27, 2018

North Shore, Koolauloa
Why You Should Grab a Pie for Holiday Parties, Koolauloa, Hawaii

This time of year usually means that your schedule is full of last-minute holiday parties. From your office get-together with coworkers to a yearly family gathering, you shouldn't show up empty handed. However, if you don't have the time to make something for it or aren’t sure exactly what to bring that will please many guests, it’s easy to grab a delicious pie from your local bakery.

Spruce Up the Party With Dessert

piesWhile holiday parties are an exciting time, most guests will want to snack on something at some point in the evening. A delicious pie is not only a fantastic dessert, but also the perfect way to end a gathering as people are heading home. They can take home slices or stop to have final conversations while enjoying coffee and dessert. Plus, the holidays are the perfect time to indulge.

Offer a Variety of Flavors

Even the pickiest eaters can enjoy a delicious pie, whether that's a signature chocolate cream pie or something a little different, like a pineapple cheese pie. No matter your preferences, there's a flavor available that everyone can enjoy so you don't have to worry about bringing something everyone will like. On your way, simply pick up your favorite to share with the guests. 


If you're looking to bring a pie to your next last-minute holiday party, trust the team at Ted's Bakery to help. Located on O'ahu's famous North Shore, they're known for their decadent pies, pastries, and coffee. You can pick up Ted's pie at Sack N Save, the commissary, Safeway, Times, Foodland, Don Quijote, ABC stores, or grab slices at 7-Eleven Hawaii. With a variety of delicious options, they’re sure to be a hit at the holiday gathering. To view their original pie and cake options, visit them online or call (808) 638-8207 to place a special order today.

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