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Do’s & Don’ts of Electronics Storage January 9, 2019

Kailua, Hawaii
Do’s & Don’ts of Electronics Storage, Kailua, Hawaii

If you’re putting electronic items into storage or shipping them to someone, packaging them correctly is essential. They are vulnerable to many types of damage, and expensive to replace. Here are a few tips for correct storage.


Keep the components together.

StorageYour electronic item may become useless if the cord, charger, or controller is lost, and these components can be difficult or impossible to replace, depending on the device. Pack every component with the device it goes with, and attach them with a twist or zip tie if possible.

Wrap it in fabric.

Use a sheet or similar piece of absorbent cotton fabric to wrap your electronics. Not only does this keep dust and pests off, but it can also help protect the items from humidity. Make sure the sheet you use is clean and dry.


Wrap it in plastic.

While it might seem intuitive to use a sheet of plastic to keep water out, this approach can backfire. Condensation can form on the inside of the packaging, which then causes more water damage than it prevents.

Leave components connected.

If there is a cord or USB device plugged into ports, remove it. These components create tension when connected, which will eventually damage them or the device if left in—and in the case of media devices, you may also have trouble finding them again.

Throw out original packaging.

If you have the box your device came in, that’s the best place to store the item. These boxes are specifically designed to be a perfect fit and to protect the item from damage during shipping.


If you need to store your electronics long-term in a locally owned facility, call Aloha Plus Storage & Packaging in Kailua Kona, HI, to arrange a unit. From packing supplies to secure storage space with 24/7 monitoring, they have everything you need to keep your items safe. To find out more about availability, pricing, and payment options, call (808) 329-2121. Visit their website to learn more about their storage options and packing supplies.

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