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3 Ways to Customize Your Garage Door January 7, 2019

Yonkers, Westchester
3 Ways to Customize Your Garage Door, Yonkers, New York

When you think of jaw-dropping architecture or design, you probably don’t think of garage doors. However, you can design these essential and practical doors in a unique and captivating way that will impress your neighbors. If you’re interested in improving your garage doors, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Inspiring Ideas to Improve the Design of Your Garage Door

1. Material

Choose a material that is resilient enough to keep intruders and the elements out. One beautiful and durable option is rich, paneled hardwood. If you prefer a modern style, order vinyl or steel in bold colors or patterns. Steel garage doors are known for their durability—which is crucial to protecting your home from break-ins and harsh weather—as well as for being low-maintenance. Also, finishes, such as matte or glossy, can add elegance to your design.

2. Windows

garage doorWhile you won’t spend much time peering out of them, small windows can add natural light and a unique dimension to your design. Place the windows near the top of the door for safety. If they break, you don’t want a burglar entering through the windows. In addition to letting in light to a workspace, you can arrange these openings in a variety of shapes or patterns to improve your home’s curb appeal, from a row of ovals to staggered diamonds.

3. Handles

Add handles to your door to create a rustic, old-fashioned look. With a brass or silver rung, your door will help your home stand out. Plus, if you need to open the door manually due to a mechanical problem, you won’t need to dirty your hands pushing it up from the bottom.


If you’re interested in improving your garage door design, contact United Overhead Doors in Westchester County, NY. Since 1954, they have been providing homes and businesses with durable, attractive garage doors. They will ensure that your door adds to your curb appeal. For more information about their installation and repair services, visit their website or call (914) 964-0038.

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