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When Should My Child to Get Their Own Car Insurance? December 27, 2018

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When Should My Child to Get Their Own Car Insurance? , Fairfield, Ohio

When your teenager first became a licensed driver, you may have decided to add them to your car insurance policy. However, over time, you will likely wonder when they should get separate coverage. Although there isn’t an age limit on how long your child can stay on your policy, taking them off is a good way to save yourself some money and teach them financial responsibility. If you are trying to determine when your child should start requesting car insurance quotes, here are a few considerations that can help you decide.

How to Know When to Drop a Young Driver From Your Car Insurance Policy

They Have a Bad Driving Record 

Young drivers are expensive to insure no matter what, but if they have a bad driving record, it will make your premium skyrocket. Though you may forgive their first offense, if your child has been cited for speeding or involved in an accident more than once, you may want to think about removing them from your policy.

They Moved Away From Home 

car insurance quotesOnce your child has graduated from high school or college and moved away for good, it’s time for them to be insured separately. This is especially true if they are living in a different state. There is a chance they will get cheaper car insurance quotes in their new location, and having a policy will help them establish residency. 

They Purchased a Car 

If your child buys a car that is registered in their name, they can no longer be covered under your policy. Car insurance policies are assigned to each vehicle. Therefore, as the owner of the title, they will be required to secure their own coverage. With this in mind, you should suggest they review car insurance quotes before purchasing a vehicle, as the make and model they get will impact their premium.


Since there is no one-size-fits-all answer as to when a child should be removed from their parent’s car insurance, speak with an agent about your situation. The professionals at 1st Choice Insurance can help you decide what’s right for your family. They have assisted many young drivers in and Fairfield, OH, in their search to find affordable coverage while providing a hassle-free shopping experience. Call (513) 860-0666 to have them start comparing car insurance quotes for your child, and visit their website to view the different products and services they offer.

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