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4 Strange Noises That Indicate You Might Need Furnace Repairs December 27, 2018

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4 Strange Noises That Indicate You Might Need Furnace Repairs, Union, Ohio

As with many mechanical systems, the occurrence of odd sounds can indicate that something is amiss with your furnace. An efficient heating unit tends to run quietly, though, a faint sound can also be normal. But if you hear disturbing noises such as the ones described below when the system is in use, you may need to call in a furnace repair professional for help.

How to Know It’s Time for Furnace Repairs

1. Booming or Banging

A loud bang, pop, or boom coming from your furnace may indicate delayed ignition. The small explosion is traced to built-up gas in the combustion chamber when the burner fails to ignite properly. Since the sound travels through the ductwork, it can be alarming when heard throughout the house. There are several reasons why delayed ignition happens, such as faulty igniters, dirty burners, or low gas pressure, but it’s better to have your furnace checked for a proper diagnosis.

2. Loud Rattle

When you hear furnace repair rattling noises, it can mean a couple of things are wrong with your furnace, especially when it kicks into gear. It can indicate that you have a cracked heat exchanger, which is alarming, since this often results in toxic carbon monoxide leaks. Another reason for the loud rattling is loosely connected hardware, such as unsecured panels, detached ductwork, a misaligned blower, or a broken motor.

3. Frequent Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds are not necessarily a cause for alarm as they can happen when your furnace cycles on and off. But if you hear clicks more frequently than usual, then there may be a problem with the thermostat or issues with your home’s air seal. Short cycling can also be due to clogged air filters, faulty air handlers, or trapped heat in the furnace itself. It is also possible that the flame sensor needs to be checked and cleaned since this can prevent the ignition from catching. A furnace repair technician will also check for loose wiring, leaking gas valves, and faulty relay switches.

4. Grinding

When you hear a grinding sound, it is another indicator that you need to call for furnace repairs right away. It is often traced to worn out motor bearings, which create more friction inside the furnace when it continues to run. Failing to replace these bearings can result in the air handler overheating and burning, and may cost you more in repair bills.  


Once you hear any of these sounds, call for furnace repairs from Advanced Heating Cooling and Refrigeration. Serving communities in and around Union County, OH, their team of certified HVAC maintenance professionals has earned the trust of local residents and businesses by providing outstanding services for over 25 years. They also offer 24-hour emergency service on boiler repairs. Call (937) 654-2276 today or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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