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3 Reasons to Schedule Window Cleaning Before a Commercial Sale December 27, 2018

Columbus, Franklin
3 Reasons to Schedule Window Cleaning Before a Commercial Sale, Columbus, Ohio

Hiring a professional commercial window cleaning crew isn’t just an important part of maintaining your building. Timing this service for right before placing a property on the market may decrease the time it takes to sell it. Here are three reasons cleaning these surfaces can contribute to making a sale.

Commercial Window Cleaning Affords These 3 Benefits 

1. Illumination

Clean windows look beautiful, but they also offer the best natural lighting. Buyers seek this in a real estate property because it promotes better morale among staff. One study found that access to windows during office hours was linked to 46 extra minutes of sleep per night–a factor that can boost productivity–because their circadian rhythms were synced with natural sunlight.

2. Showcasing Products & Services

commercial window cleaningWhether your company offers goods like clothing or services such as HVAC repairs, it’s important that people passing by can view your products by looking through the front windows. This curb appeal will attract potential buyers because they’ll see the storefront as a place where they can display new products and sales effectively.

3. Protecting the Windows

Glass has pores that can clog and corrode over time if dust and grime are never washed off. By hiring commercial window cleaning services several times a year, you’ll prevent this structural issue and prolong the lifespan of the material. Buyers will appreciate knowing that you’ve taken care of the windows while you owned the building, as they’ll get to enjoy structurally sound glass after purchasing the property from you.  


Business owners looking to hire a professional commercial window cleaning team before a big property sale should contact Al’s Windows - A Marsden Company in Franklin County, OH. The company has been in business since 1952 and provides top-notch cleaning services. Call (614) 284-1993 or visit their website for information on their well-trained staff of specialized window cleaners who are ready to tackle storefronts, multi-story businesses, and everything in between. 

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