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5 Rookie Scuba Diving Mistakes December 26, 2018

Kihei, Maui
5 Rookie Scuba Diving Mistakes, Kihei, Hawaii

Being new at any task comes with a few rookie mistakes. Scuba diving is no different, but recognizing the common missteps will keep you safer in the water and increase your enjoyment while you dive. With just a few tips, you'll avoid the most common mistakes rookie divers make.

Common Scuba Diving Mistakes Made By New Divers

1. Checking Equipment Before Diving

Always check every piece of equipment before hitting the water. Inspect your mask, jacket, and vest. Also, test your regulator by breathing into it. Check if your air tank is open and that you have the correct amount of air for your dive.

2. Testing Buoyancy

scuba divingFor accurate weight in the water, a buoyancy test is necessary. Anything can affect your buoyancy from weight loss to new scuba gear. Even the conditions of the water will influence it. Correct weight ensures you are not overexerting in the water and that you are efficient in your air usage.

3. Keeping to a Buddy System

Knowing where your scuba diving buddy is at all times is important. Losing track of your partner is a common rookie mistake that can lead to trouble if either of you needs help. Stay in communication with that person and always know where they are during the excursion. You should also check each other’s equipment as an extra security measure.

4. Watching Air Consumption

Don’t forget to keep tabs on your air pressure. It’s critical for your safety that you are aware of your air. Also, keep track of your air consumption after your dives so you are better prepared for how much you’ll use next time.

5. Forgetting to Equalize

Equalizing too late leads to pain, especially in your ears. If you’re not equalizing every few feet on your descent, you will have a harder time completing the task. Slow and steady with many rounds of equalizing as you get lower will reduce the risk of inflammation and pain, and will make every dive going forward easier.


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