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3 Benefits of Catering Your Next Party January 10, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Benefits of Catering Your Next Party, Hilo, Hawaii

A party is a great way to bring family and friends together, but the times leading up to it and after can be stressful with picking out and preparing food. Rather than dealing with the hassle, opt for catering as a solution. You’ll find it eliminates a significant amount of stress, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your guests.

The Reasons to Cater Your Next Party

1. Variety

It’s difficult to plan a meal that everyone will enjoy, especially if you’re inviting picky eaters or people with specialty diets. Rather than cooking multiple meals, go with catering. You’ll be able to mix and match several different foods and dishes that accommodate everyone, and you can be confident no one goes unfed or has to eat something they won’t love.

2. Convenience

With pre-party cooking, you have to brainstorm, shop, cook, serve, and more. It can be hard to find the time, especially while planning the rest of the party. The same goes for cleanup; no one wants to spend the evening scrubbing prep areas and washing dishes once guests have gone. With catering, you won’t have to lift a finger beyond picking the food up. Many restaurants allow you to place an order online, and aside from washing plates and utensils, you won’t have to worry about extensive cleanup.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Cooking can get expensive. Purchasing all the ingredients adds up quickly, and you’ll likely have to invest in new cookware and dining items. Catering services include everything in one convenient price. You’ll only spend money on the food and general service, allowing you to use planned funds elsewhere to make your party even more memorable.


If you’re looking for delicious catering options for your next party, turn to Kawamoto Store. They’ve built a reputation throughout Hilo, HI, for their mouthwatering food and customer service, and bring over 70 years of industry experience. They’re also perfect if you plan on dining alone or with the family at home, offering a wide selection of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Hawaiian food. Call (808) 935-8209 to place a takeout order and connect on Facebook for news, updates, and deals.


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