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Common Questions About Satellite Internet December 26, 2018

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Common Questions About Satellite Internet, Dexter, Missouri

Buying a home in southeast Missouri and other remote areas offers more room to spread out and get away from the smog and noise of urban settings. Although tranquil, it can be challenging to get reliable internet connections in rural locations. As cable, DSL, and other landline services are often unavailable, many homeowners use satellite internet to connect to the outside world. Knowing more about the service will make it easier to determine what plan will benefit your household. 

4 Common Questions Homeowners Have About Satellite Internet

How fast will it be? 

Although faster than dial-up, the speed of your satellite internet depends on the plan chosen. Download speeds typically range from 1 to 25 Mbps, while upload speeds go from 1 to 4 Mbps. Speak with the internet service provider when deciding, as the company will have limits on the amount of data that can be used at maximum speeds. Exceeding this limit could slow down download time.  

What equipment is needed?

Dexter-Missouri-satellite-internetSecuring satellite internet does not require a lot of gear. A modem is installed inside, with cables connecting it to a receiver dish mounted on the house. When opening web pages and emails, the data is transmitted to another dish in space using radio frequencies. The modem converts the frequencies into internet signals. The information is then sent to another dish at the internet provider hub. The completed request is sent back to the dish in space and then to your dish and computer.       

How much will it cost?

How much you can expect to pay for monthly satellite internet depends on the provider and service plan. Basic and premium packages are available varying in price. Apart from the one-time installation and activation fees, you’ll also have to pay a monthly equipment leasing fee. 

What plan should I get?

When deciding on a package, think about how much the household will use the internet connection. A 10 GB plan is great for one or two people who need high-speed internet, for example, while 20 GB might be better suited for families. A 30 GB or 50 GB plan will provide reliable, fast service for multiple people using several devices. 


If you live in the southern region of Missouri and need a solution to slow-speed internet problems, reach out to the professionals at Advanced Communications & Technology for help. Based in Dexter, MO, the staff is committed to providing rural high-speed internet through Viasat® to make life easier for homeowners in remote areas of the state. To schedule internet installation and learn about the 50 Mbps & 100 Mbps plans, call (573) 775-7200. You can also visit the satellite internet providers online to learn more about options and specific service areas.