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5 Signs You Need a Car Battery Replacement December 24, 2018

East Franklin, Armstrong
5 Signs You Need a Car Battery Replacement, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Your car will not start or run without a working battery. This part supplies power to the electrical components of your vehicle by providing the starter with sufficient voltage. It also keeps the voltage stable so that your engine stays on while you’re driving. It lasts three to six years depending on factors such as how often you drive. If you haven’t experienced a dying car battery, here are a few warning signs that it’s time for a battery replacement

How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Car Battery

1. Battery Leaks & Case Issues

Old batteries may start to leak, resulting in corrosion around the cable connection posts. Severe leakage generally requires a battery replacement, especially if it’s three years or older. Cars left out in the hot sun for lengthy periods may also experience issues, such as a swollen case. Bloated casings also decrease battery power.

2. Slow Engine Crank

battery replacementYour car engine will take longer to start when the battery is close to expiration. You’ll notice a crank slowdown that results in longer starting times because the part can no longer hold a charge to ignite the engine.

3. Frequent Battery Jumps

While jumping the battery every so often is normal, frequently doing so is not. If it seems like you are jump-starting it every few days, it’s probably wearing out. If it’s relatively new, have your alternator checked. It may be broken and not recharging the battery as you drive.

4. Slow Electronic Accessories

In addition to a sluggish engine, you’ll notice slow electronic accessories when your battery is failing. Car parts, such as automatic windows, windshield wipers, and the radio, will not function at optimal levels. Battery lights or check engine lights may also illuminate on your dashboard.

5. Strange Noises

Car parts make a variety of strange noises when they need auto maintenance work, and your battery is no different. If you hear buzzing, grinding, or clicking noises when you start your car, you may be due for a replacement. 


When you need car battery replacement services, contact Arizona Auto Repair & Towing to keep your vehicle running. This auto maintenance and repair shop provides Armstrong County, PA, residents with the expert services they need to maintain safe and efficient vehicles. They also provide 24/7 towing services. Call (724) 868-2886 or visit their website to learn more about their battery replacement services.

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