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How to Maintain Your Snow Blower December 21, 2018

Centereach, Brookhaven
How to Maintain Your Snow Blower, Brookhaven, New York

Snow blowers belong in the power tool pantheon. They save serious time and effort when you need to remove snow from your driveway, walkways, and sidewalk, and they create clean, safe surfaces in minutes. Snow blowers also avoid the many back, shoulder, and neck issues that can occur due to incorrect shoveling form. If you want to purchase this efficient and effective power tool or recently invested in one, use this maintenance guide to keep it in great condition.

What Does Snow Blower Maintenance Involve?

Part Inspections & Replacements

Check your power tool’s belts, auger paddles, and shave plate for wear and tear. Replace the belts and auger paddles as necessary; the paddles require frequent checks for wear because they hit the ground as you work. Check and reverse or replace the shave plate — the part of your snow blower that does the scraping.

power toolsInspect the spark plug once a season using a spark plug socket wrench. Clean it with spray plug cleaner and a wire brush while looking for any signs of corrosion or other damage. Replace the plug if the damage is too severe.

You’ll also need to check the starter cord and shear pins, and replace them as necessary. The shear pins link the gearcase to the augers and are designed to break when these parts become overworked, so replace yours if they are broken. If your starter cord is not overly frayed or otherwise damaged, you will not need to rethread it.

Oil Changes & Fuel Stabilization

Check the oil level before usage, and refer to your owner’s manual to refill it with the correct fluid. Always let the power tool warm up, especially if you are using it for the first time since last season, to allow the oil to lubricate its parts.

Fill your snow blower with fresh gas and add a fuel stabilizer to preserve product quality and avoid clogs. Remember to drain the gas at the end of the season to prevent varnish deposits in your fuel tank.


Whether you are purchasing a snow blower for the first time or replacing your current power tool, find what you need at Centereach True Value Hardware. The Centereach, NY, hardware supply store has proudly served the local community since 1959 and is an authorized dealer and service center for gas and electric snow blowers. Call (631) 732-2220 today with inventory questions, or learn about services online. Get more helpful tips on Twitter.

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