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5 Qualities That Makes the Best Chauffeurs January 16, 2019

South Bronx, Bronx
5 Qualities That Makes the Best Chauffeurs, Bronx, New York

Whether you’re being driven to the airport or an exciting bridal party excursion, a professional chauffeur will make the journey a pleasant one. The best ones will go above and beyond to ensure all passengers are comfortable and safe. If you’re planning to use a transportation service soon, here are several qualities to look for in a chauffeur.

The Top 5 Chauffeur Qualities

1. Punctual

Being on time is one of the most important traits of a good chauffeur. You should expect drivers to arrive early for both pickups and drop-offs. After all, you’re relying on them to get to your destination safely and quickly. Drivers or their dispatchers should also call or text you when they are on their way.

2. Courteous

chauffeursDrivers who are genuinely nice and enthusiastic establish positive impressions with their passengers. Greeting them with a smile, assisting with luggage, and holding the door open are courtesies that should always be practiced. Clients will remember how pleasant their driver was and will be more likely to book future transportation services with the same company.

3. Safe

You should also expect your chauffeur to follow all driving regulations. This includes no tailgating, speeding, texting while driving, or otherwise, being distracted. Your safety should always be a driver’s top priority.

4. Good Communicator

Experienced chauffeurs are not only good communicators but can read whether their clients want to talk or not. The best ones will always greet you and provide updates on traffic and other matters that may affect the drive. If you’re new to the area and have questions, most drivers should be able to share some details about the locale.

5. Prepared

You may need a charging station for your mobile phone or tissue to wipe up a minor spill. Chauffeurs should have items that are frequently requested by clients. These can include pens, paper, mints, tissues, and bottled water. 


Metro Luxury Corp in the Bronx, NY, takes pride in the top-notch transportation service it provides. Serving New York City, the boroughs and the Tri-State area, the firm’s network of independent contractors are experienced and professional chauffeurs. You can always count on the drivers for impeccable customer service year round, including on holidays. It’s why the firm has been around for more than 25 years. To schedule a reservation, call (718) 665-4900. Visit the website for the complete suite of services, including handicap and non-medical transportation.

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