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FLOODCO KNOWS SMOOT (Smoke & Soot) December 14, 2018

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FLOODCO KNOWS SMOOT (Smoke & Soot), Kalispell, Montana




A fire is a frightening experience for anyone involved!  And the dangers are not over once the flames have been extinguished. The black residue left covering walls, ceilings, and furnishings is not only ugly and hard to clean, but it’s a health hazard.

What is Soot

The black residue, more commonly known as soot, is what’s left when fuels like wood, coal, and oil haven’t completely burned. This is why oil and chemical fires produce such thick black smoke. Many items in modern homes contain plastic and other synthetics, which are made from oil. When this fuel burns, the carbon-based materials float through the air and spread further than the original scene of the fire. Homes in tightly packed neighborhoods that are next door to a house fire often receive soot damage even if they weren’t directly affected by the fire.  Soot also has an odor that smells like smoke or burnt materials. So you will want to get that cleaned up as soon as possible.

Dangers of Soot

Soot is harmful because of the wide variety of natural and synthetic substances that burn during a fire. As they burn, they create microscopic particles that contain chemicals, acids, dust, metals, and other hazardous substances. The soot spreads widely and sticks to all exposed surfaces, creating a larger contamination area. Soot can cause serious damage to any surfaces it sticks to and the damage can quickly become permanent.

Cleaning up the Soot

It’s easy to find the large deposits of soot residue on walls, ceilings and other objects, but the individual particles are too tiny to see with the naked eye. It’s important to remove the soot, both visible and the unseen particles as soon as possible, not only for health reasons but to prevent further damage to items that can possibly be restored.  But, what’s even more important is to do it correctly. That’s why using a professional soot and smoke damage restoration company is a smart idea. Cleaning soot and smoke damage on your own can be difficult, time consuming and a health hazard if not done using the proper protective equipment.   Also, improper cleaning techniques can cause the soot to become even further absorbed by surfaces, ruining items that might have been restorable.

If you experience a fire loss on your property, call FloodCo. Our skilled technicians can remove soot from a wide variety of surfaces, including porcelain, metal, ceramics, crystal, and much more. We use the most effective products and equipment available to the industry to safely clean these surfaces before the damage becomes permanent. It’s important to call FloodCo as soon as possible after a fire.

Don’t forget we also do home repair & remodeling through our parent company Heuvelman General Contracting. We can take care of your restoration, repair, remodel and reconstruction needs.

We are experienced in both residential and commercial construction service and we’re able to accommodate your project, no matter the size. We’re happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss our services.

Thank you for your time.

Dale Heuvelman




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