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How Ophthalmologists Help With Elderly Care December 21, 2018

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How Ophthalmologists Help With Elderly Care, Cincinnati, Ohio

One of the biggest concerns in elderly care is coping with the health challenges that crop up with age. This includes deteriorating eyesight. Your senior loved one should receive regular attention from an ophthalmologist to check on their eyes, adjust their eyeglass prescriptions, and address any changes in their condition.

Benefits of an Ophthalmologist for Elderly Care

Vision Screenings

Even at age 40, many adults begin to have problems with their vision, particularly for close-up tasks like reading. By the time your loved one is 65 years or older, the likelihood is high that they either use glasses or will need them soon. Regular vision screenings as a part of elderly care will monitor any changes, identify the onset of vision problems, and provide correction.


Elderly CareOnce your loved one’s eyes have been examined and they’ve received a glasses prescription, they’ll experience numerous improvements to their quality of life. Clear vision is important for daily tasks like driving, reading, socializing, and staying mentally active. Not only that, but having glasses also protects your loved one’s physical safety, preventing potential falls and other injuries.

Watching for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is vision loss caused by damage to the optic nerve due to excessive pressure within the eye, and is especially common in seniors. Vision lost this way cannot be recovered, so this condition must be treated quickly to halt the process of deterioration. Regular visits with an ophthalmologist will catch the problem early, before eyesight is lost, allowing your loved one to maintain healthy vision much longer.


If you’re looking for a long-term elderly care facility which offers access to ophthalmology and other necessary healthcare services, choose Mount Washington Care Center in Cincinnati, OH. They have provided Hamilton County’s seniors with short-term respite care and residency options for more than three decades. To ask about their accommodations, call (513) 231-4561 or reach out online.

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