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What Landscape Supplies Do You Need the Most? April 8, 2019

Northfield Center, Summit
What Landscape Supplies Do You Need the Most?, Northfield Center, Ohio

Your landscape design boosts your home’s curb appeal and provides gorgeous views. Between professional maintenance appointments, you’ll need a handful of tools to keep your trees, plants, and flowers healthy and beautiful. Invest in the following landscape supplies for your lawn and garden. 

5 Essential Landscape Supplies & Tools

1. Hedge Clippers

For smaller hedges and bushes, keep a pair of clippers on hand. Cut the overgrowth to improve the appearance of your home and keep pests at bay. You might also want a couple pieces of pruning gear to trim back overhanging branches. 

2. Lawn Mower

landscape suppliesEven with regular lawn care, you may need to trim your yard from time to time. This is especially true during the spring and summer seasons when grass grows more rapidly. Get a riding mower, if your property is particularly large. 

3. Shovel

Include shovels in your collection of landscape supplies. They are convenient for a variety of lawn care tasks, such as planting new trees, digging drainage trenches, and mulching flower beds. 

4. Rake

During the fall season, your lawn will slowly cover with leaves, pine needles, and other tree debris. Having a rake around will help you keep up with them before they become homes for pests. Raking your leaves will also prevent damage to your mower. 

5. Saw 

Saws are helpful if a tree or large branch falls in your yard. Use it to cut the wood into manageable pieces for disposal. Keep an ax handy if you want to turn it into firewood to use during the cold season. 


When you need landscape supplies to maintain a perfect lawn and garden, make Nordonia Landscape Supplies your first destination. For over 40 years, they’ve provided a huge selection of premium products, including mulch, topsoil, limestone, sidewalk salt, and sand, to Northfield, OH. They also offer 24-hour de-icing services during the winter. Call (330) 467-7258 today to request a quote on bulk landscape supplies. Visit them online to place an order and learn more about their inventory. 

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