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Your Plumbing Guide to Frozen Pipes December 21, 2018

West Crossett, Ashley
Your Plumbing Guide to Frozen Pipes, West Crossett, Arkansas

When temperatures drop, frozen pipes may interfere with your plumbing. In some cases, they may burst, causing indoor flooding, property damage, and expensive repairs. Below, you’ll find an overview on how to handle frozen pipes and prevent it from happening again. 

What Should You Do About Frozen Pipes?

Find the Problem

When your pipes freeze, you’ll likely notice a trickle from your faucets or no water pressure at all. First, you’ll need to locate the source of the issue. Take a look at your interior and exterior pipes, and note any areas that appear frosted or bulging. If you cannot detect them by looking, feel for cold spots. Next, open both the hot and cold faucets to relieve some of the pressure from your plumbing system.

Thaw Carefully

Once you locate the frozen spots in your pipes, there are several items you can use to thaw them. Hair dryers, heat lamps, hot towels, and electrical heating tape are all quite effective. Start by thawing the section of the pipe nearest the faucet, and work your way down from there. If you’re using an electrical device, don’t let it make contact with water, since electrocution is possible. 

Prevent Future Freezing

plumbingAvoid having to deal with frozen pipes the next time it gets cold by taking a few precautionary measures. Drip your faucets on days when the temperature is below freezing. This will produce a continuous flow that makes it difficult for water to solidify in your plumbing. Another easy way to keep pipes from freezing is by adding insulation to them. Don’t forget to wrap your outdoor pipes, too. 


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