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Why Vehicle Registration Is Important December 21, 2018

10, Evangeline
Why Vehicle Registration Is Important, 10, Louisiana

If you purchase a vehicle that you’ll be operating on public roads, it must be registered with the state. Vehicle registration can be a bit of a chore, and the process sometimes varies by jurisdiction. It’s essential for maintaining the roads, though, and for keeping everyone safe. Here’s a brief overview that explains why.

The Reasons Vehicles Must Be Registered

1. It Ensures Coverage

In order to drive on public roads, your vehicle has to be registered, and in order to do so, you must provide proof of insurance. Therefore, the registration process serves to ensure cars on the road have sufficient coverage. Although some motorists let their coverage lapse and others fail to register at all, the system is designed to make sure as many vehicles as possible will be covered in the event of a collision. 

2. It Provides Revenue 

vehicle registrationThere are various fees for registering a vehicle that provide revenue for the state. In Louisiana, for example, motorists can expect to pay a title fee, a handling fee, a license transfer fee, and a license plate fee. Jurisdictions typically use some or all of this revenue to maintain the roads and cover costs associated with public transit. 

3. It Assists Police 

Upon registering a car, you will receive a license plate. Every plate contains a unique series of numbers and letters that law enforcement personnel can use to identify the owner of the vehicle. With a license plate number, officers can obtain the name and address of the individual who registered the vehicle, as well as its vehicle identification number (VIN), make, and model. In some states, police can also see whether the insurance coverage is current. 


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