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5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter December 24, 2018

Williamsport, Lycoming
5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Furnace inspection, gutter cleaning, and exterior window checks are among the tasks on any comprehensive home winterization checklist, but what about the garage door? This exterior door’s daily dalliance with Jack Frost gets much easier when you perform a few maintenance tasks before the season gets underway. Use these tips to ensure your garage door survives another winter without problems.

Top 5 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

1. Clean Outside the Door & the Tracks & Rollers

Clean the garage door exterior with products recommended by your local overhead door experts to remove built-up dirt and grime. The longer grime is left on this door, the harder it will be to remove, especially when it gets lodged in hinges for too long. Clean the tracks and rollers of debris as well so the door continues to operate normally throughout winter. 

2. Check & Replace Seals

Check your weatherstripping materials for cracks and other damage. Clean or replace them as needed to avoid heat loss issues that will increase your energy bills and contribute to a less-comfortable residence. Even if your garage is not attached to your home, weatherstripping is a good idea because it keeps insects and animals out.

3. Lubricate Moving Parts

garage doorsLubricate the rollers, hinges, and all other moving components with WD-40 or a similar product. Never use olive oil or any other food-based oil to lubricate your garage door since it will attract debris and contribute to a clogged system. Remember to wipe up excess oil and to lubricate moving parts regularly to keep your garage door functional...and quiet.

4. Tighten the Hardware

Use a socket wrench to tighten any loosened hardware, such as the brackets supporting the door’s tracks. Every time your garage door opens, it vibrates and causes the hardware to get a little looser.

5. Test the Balance & Auto Reverse Feature

Check the door’s balance by releasing the automatic opener handle and lifting the door so it is about halfway open. If it remains in place, the springs are keeping the door balanced. If not, the springs have worn out and require replacing by an overhead door professional. Do not ever attempt to repair the springs and cables on your garage door, as these components are extremely sensitive and could cause the door to come crashing down.

Also, check the auto reverse feature by placing a box or board under the door and closing it. If the door does not automatically reverse once it hits the object, it requires professional repairs.


If your garage door needs servicing before winter weather takes over, contact Overhead Door Co. of Lycoming County. The genuine, original overhead door company, a division of Schrader Architectural Products has proudly provided Williamsport, PA, and the surrounding areas with garage door services since 1965. Call (570) 326-4749 to schedule an appointment today or review the product gallery online.

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