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Electricity Safety Tips for Your Property This Winter December 14, 2018

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Electricity Safety Tips for Your Property This Winter, High Point, North Carolina

From cranking space heaters to turning on holiday lights and wrapping up in electrical blankets, many homeowners use all sorts of equipment powered by electricity throughout the winter months. If your electrical system is in need of repair, the strain could make existing issues worse, causing short-circuits and potential fires. Luckily, taking the following precautions will help prevent dangers that compromise home comfort and safety. 

How to Practice Winter Electrical Safety

1. Inspect Holiday Lights for Defects

Whether you plan to hang holiday lights inside your house or on the property facade, make sure to check for burned-out bulbs and frayed wires beforehand. Otherwise, when decorations are plugged in for extended periods, the electrical current could cause sparks to fly, increasing the risk of fire.

electricityIf you notice cause for concern, throw out the lights and buy a new box. Additionally, never place lights on a dry, live Christmas tree. The radiant heat could cause the dehydrated needles to catch on fire. Keeping the tree stand filled with water will prevent this from happening. 

2. Keep Flammable Objects Away From Space Heaters & Electric Blankets

Although space heaters and electric blankets are designed to keep you toasty, they also heat everything else in the nearby vicinity. Being mindful of where you use equipment could prevent life-threatening disasters. Never use the devices in rooms where paint thinners, cleaning products, gasoline, aerosol cans, and other combustible items are stored nearby. The heat could cause the objects to explode or catch fire. Additionally, space heaters should be a safe distance from upholstered furniture and drapery to reduce the risk of combustion. 

3. Schedule an Electrical System Inspection

Your property should be equipped to handle all of the devices plugged into outlets. If not, electrical wiring could overheat, smolder, and burn. You could also get shocked while using the equipment. To ensure your system can handle the load, reach out to an electrician for help. They’ll replace faulty wiring, repair broken fuse boxes, and provide additional electrical repairs and upkeep to keep your family safe this winter and throughout the year. 


If you don’t believe your home’s electricity is designed to meet the needs of your household, contact the certified electricians at Piedmont Electric Repair Company. Based in High Point, NC, the crew provides system upgrades and repairs to improve the quality of customers’ systems and help save money on monthly electric bills. To schedule a service appointment in the Piedmont Triad region, call (336) 889-0222. Visit the electric company online to learn about the team’s qualifications.

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