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3 Scenarios Where You Should Change Your Locks December 28, 2018

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3 Scenarios Where You Should Change Your Locks, Hurst, Texas

Locks are your home’s first line of defense against intruders. You can leave for work in the morning and go to sleep at night knowing that your household is secure. When the locks around your home have been compromised, the first step is to hire a locksmith who will be able to replace them. If you’re unsure which situations require a lock installation, here are a few of the most common scenarios. 

When to Schedule Lock Installation

1. New Home

If you just purchased a new home that still has its original locks, schedule lock replacement within a few days of moving in. The previous occupants may have given out copies of the key, which means the security of your home is compromised. New locks give you complete control over who can access your home. 

2. Burglary

lock installationBurglaries are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only is this a violation of your property, but it also leaves you feeling unsafe in your home. If your home has been the victim of a break-in, reassess your security system and call a locksmith for new lock installation. 

3. Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost keys are more than an inconvenience.  A stranger could have access to your home, which leaves you vulnerable. If you had your purse stolen with both your keys and drivers license inside, someone will be capable of breaking in and robbing you. Always have new locks installed as an extra precaution. 


If you need a quality locksmith to change the locks around your home in Hurst, TX, turn to the team at All Hours Locksmith. For over 15 years, they have been protecting residential and commercial customers with home and automobile lockout services, as well as lock installation and repair. Call (860) 572-­9286 today to schedule an appointment with one of their locksmiths. You can also visit them online to learn more about their full suite of services. 

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