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3 Major Benefits of Getting Clear Braces December 26, 2018

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3 Major Benefits of Getting Clear Braces, La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you did not get the opportunity to straighten your smile as a child but now have the means to see an orthodontist, clear braces could be the answer. This subtle option keeps your self-confidence high. Clear braces offer many benefits beyond a straightened smile.

Why Adults Often Opt for Clear Braces 

1. They Are Discreet 

Clear braces are far more inconspicuous than traditional metal brackets. In fact, if you get tooth-colored wires to accompany the ceramic brackets, they are virtually invisible, especially in photographs. That means you won’t feel the need to hide your teeth in pictures for the next one to two years.

2. They Are Strong clear braces

Your teeth put up with a lot of abuse over the course of a day, which means brackets and wires must be able to take a beating, too. Ceramic brackets are incredibly resilient, so orthodontic emergencies are unlikely for those with clear braces. They are also non-porous, which contributes to their strength and makes staining less likely. 

3. They Are Small

The ceramic brackets that make up clear braces are smaller than the traditional metal ones, so they cover much less of the tooth’s surface. This makes it easier to brush and floss around them. And since the ceramic bonding agent does not contribute to the demineralization of enamel, there is a lower risk of developing damage and decay during treatment. 


To learn if you’re a good candidate for clear braces, turn to Mosling Orthodontics in La Crosse, WI. For more than two decades, they’ve been helping residents of the Coulee Region achieve the stunning smiles they've always wanted. Visit their website to learn about some of the more common dental problems they can help with, including crowding, gaps, misaligned jaws, and impacted teeth. To make an appointment, call (608) 782-1950.

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