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How to Match Lighting to a Room’s Color Scheme December 20, 2018

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How to Match Lighting to a Room’s Color Scheme, Enterprise, Alabama

Are you in the process of remodeling one or more of the rooms in your home? Everything you choose, from the flooring and furniture to the paint and lighting, must work together to bring your design to life. Lighting has a major effect on the way we perceive color. To ensure your palette looks the way you intend it to, keep the following guide in mind when selecting a lighting fixture


Lighting and paint colors set the ambiance of a space. If you’re designing an airy and calm bedroom, the walls should be painted a neutral color. Choose lighting fixtures that will brighten the white tones, such as LED lights or blue fluorescent bulbs. 

Paint Color

Where does the color scheme of your home fall on the spectrum? Warm tones, such as yellows, reds, and oranges, pair best with lighting that will intensify their hues. For example, incandescent lighting produces a yellow light, which makes warm colors feel even warmer. In contrast, cool tones like blues and greens are better suited for cooler lighting, such as fluorescent bulbs.

Types of Light Fixtures

lighting fixtureThe types of light fixtures also affect how the color in a room will appear. Lampshades with bold shades will mute surrounding colors, while neutral shades will brighten the light source. Downlights produce direct streams of light that illuminate specific areas and cast a shadow that makes surrounding areas darker in contrast. 


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