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5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Solid-State Drive December 20, 2018

Brighton, Monroe
5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Solid-State Drive, Brighton, New York

One of the most useful upgrades you can make to your computer is installing a solid-state drive (SSD). These drives rely on flash memory, which improves your system’s performance. SSD’s don’t rely on tiny components, which can break down and lead to computer repairs. Below are a few reasons why you should upgrade your computer’s memory system.

Why You Should Install a Solid-State Drive

1. Better Speed

Solid-state drives are generally faster than traditional hard drives. This is because they don’t have internal moving parts that can slow them down. It will speed up your boot time, as well as your application load time. You can access more data and toggle more programs at once, enhancing your ability to multi-task.

2. Easy Installation

To install a solid-state drive, all you’ll need is a screwdriver and your computer’s owner manual. Additionally, the installation process is fairly quick, making it stress-free and easy.

3. Strong & Reliable

computer repairBecause traditional memory systems have so many parts that wear down, hard drive failures—which require computer repairs—are common. These can be avoided by using a solid-state drive. They are durable, so jostling, drops, and accidents will not break them as easily as they would a traditional hard drive. Additionally, they are also not affected by magnetism, making them more reliable for storing your data.

4. High-Efficiency

Solid-state drives require less power than traditional ones, saving you energy and conserving your battery life. They also generate less heat than standard computers and laptops, which increases your equipment’s life span.

5. Lightweight & Quiet

They are quiet, since they don’t have a loud fan or noisy moving parts. They are also lightweight, making your system easier to carry and less cumbersome to transport. Because they are lightweight and durable, these drives are especially useful if you travel frequently.


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