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How to Choose Between the Top & Bottom Floor of an Apartment Building December 20, 2018

Hastings, Adams
How to Choose Between the Top & Bottom Floor of an Apartment Building, Hastings, Nebraska

From size to amenities, there are many aspects to consider when on the search for a new apartment. However, one issue that gets overlooked and yet which makes a huge difference is the floor you live on. The guide below explores the advantages and disadvantages of both living situations to help you determine which is right for you.

Apartment Shopping: What’s Special About the Top & Bottom Floor?

When to Live on the Top Floor

Even in a quiet building, upstairs neighbors and street traffic can disturb people who are sensitive to noise. But by opting for the apartment that is highest up, you can distance yourself from these sounds. It can also provide you with some better views while also limiting other's ability to see in. Because heat rises, top floor apartments tend to be naturally warm which will keep you comfortable through the winter.

apartmentsWhen to Live on the Bottom Floor

First-floor apartments are best for people who want an accessible space. Because there are no steps—or fewer steps than the higher floors—it’s easy for people with disabilities, seniors, parents with young children, or anyone who has trouble with stairs. It can also be a benefit during the physical move since you won’t need to carry large, cumbersome pieces of furniture as far. You can also do whatever you like in your apartment without worrying about disturbing people down below. As for your comfort, just as the top floor is the warmest, the bottom floor is the coolest during the summer months.


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