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Should You Repair Your Boat or Buy a New One? December 20, 2018

Sodus Point, Wayne
Should You Repair Your Boat or Buy a New One? , Sodus Point, New York

If you enjoy getting out on the water in your boat, you know that maintaining a watercraft is a big commitment. Even with the most attentive boat service, problems will eventually develop with the hull or engine. When this happens, you’ll have to decide between repairing the defects or buying a new vessel. This decision can be challenging, but the guide below will help you think through this process.


It’s only natural that your boat will get damaged over time, even with routine boat service; maybe a small patch of rust will develop, or the engine’s spark plugs will wear out. If you’re fond of your vessel and want to restore it, you’ll have to weigh the price against what the boat is worth to you. Try to get an estimate on the repairs and consider how much a replacement will cost.


boat serviceIf the damage is extensive enough, you may consider buying a new boat instead of investing in the boat repairs needed to restore your current one. For example, structural damage can be very costly to repair, so much so that it may be more affordable to buy a new model.  Additionally, if your boat is an old or discontinued line, finding replacement components for it can make repairs difficult. Although this option can be more costly, it also offers multiple benefits. For example, a new boat will have more technological features, making it easier to navigate and operate. Additionally, a new or pre-owned model that’s certified by a dealer is sure to be problem-free, so you can enjoy all your favorite water activities for years to come without worrying about untimely breakdowns. 


If you need boat services, a safe place to store your vessel, or a trusted dealer to buy a new craft from, Krenzer Marine in Wayne County, NY, is your go-to source. We’re dedicated to helping you make the best investment, and will protect your boat with routine maintenance and safe storage. To learn more about our boat services, call (315) 483-6986 or visit our website.

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