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5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Office Cleanings December 20, 2018

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5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Office Cleanings, Stamford, Connecticut

Office cleanings are important for keeping your employees happy and healthy. While many managers, especially in smaller offices, opt for company employees to clean the office, having a professional cleaning company will save you time and improve your business. Here are several advantages of hiring professionals to get the job done. 

The Benefits of Using Professional Office Cleaning Services

1. Safe, Sanitary Surfaces

Cleaning companies will get rid of germs and contaminants and will remove your trash regularly. They will disinfect counters, desk equipment, and floors to ensure viruses and bacteria do not spread around your office. Healthier employees won’t miss work as often. In winter, cleaning services will remove snow, ice, and sleet, preventing employees or clients from slipping and injuring themselves.

2. Better Air Quality

cleaning companyOffice cleanings include regular vacuuming and dusting, which eliminate airborne allergens that can affect the health of anyone in the building. In addition to using a vacuum with HEPA filters to clean your carpets, HVAC vents are also cleaned to reduce the amount of grime in the air.

3. Good First Impression

Anyone who enters your office will immediately notice how well it’s cared for. A positive first impression will make clients more interested in working with you because they’ll see that you put extra effort into your business. Office cleanings will give you a reputation for being tidy and organized, making your company look professional. 

4. Happier Staff

Employees are more productive when their environment is comfortable and clean. When they feel healthy and cared for, they are more focused and willing to put 100% into their work. With regular cleanings, they will feel that management cares for their health and safety, and your personnel will be proud to represent your company and the services you provide.

5. Stress Relief

A cleaning company will take the burden of maintenance off of your shoulders, leaving you with more time to manage your office and focus on the business. Cleaning services can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you. They will not interfere with business, and you can trust that your facility will be sanitized routinely without interruption.


When you need an office cleaning provider, contact Maintenance One in Fairfield County, CT. This professional cleaning company provides customized maintenance plans based on your facility’s needs and always guarantees satisfaction. Their clients have trusted their offerings for more than 25 years. Call (203) 348-1700 for an estimate or visit this cleaning company’s website to request an estimate. 

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