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3 Tips for Using Bedding to Reduce Neck & Back Pain December 28, 2018

Mason, Warren
3 Tips for Using Bedding to Reduce Neck & Back Pain, Mason, Ohio

Neck and back pain can stem from numerous sources, but one of the most common culprits is old or insufficient bedding. A lumpy pillow or uneven mattress can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest, leaving you irritable and groggy the next day. There are a few steps you can take to improve your bedding and your nightly rest. Follow these and you’ll be sure to wake up well-rested and pain-free.

Bedding Changes That Can Address Neck & Back Pain

1. Use a Body Pillow

If you’re a side sleeper, the angle your knees slump can gradually pull your spine out of alignment, leading to back pain. Counteract this effect by sleeping with a body pillow running alongside you and tucked between your knees. Not only is this a comfortable way to sleep, but it can also provide the comforting sense of receiving a hug, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

2. Invest in a Mattress Pad

pillowIf your mattress is old and causing you back problems, but you aren’t ready to replace it yet, consider getting a mattress pad to mitigate pain. They can be stuffed with cotton or imitation down for maximum comfort, and they’ll help you get a full night of rest every night, no matter how outdated your mattress may be.

3. Get a Better Pillow

Waking up with a stiff neck every morning? A pillow that’s too dense or doesn’t offer enough support could leave you sore the next day, and a misplaced neck can also cause issues throughout the rest of your spine. To avoid these problems, pick a pillow that lets your head, neck, and spine align naturally when you test it.


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