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How to Pick the Perfect Toy for Your Child This Christmas December 20, 2018

Mamaroneck, Westchester
How to Pick the Perfect Toy for Your Child This Christmas, Mamaroneck, New York

Christmas is closing in, and the pressure to find the perfect gift for your child is on. But, before you start buying the hottest toys of the year, there are a few factors to consider. Children’s toys can and should be more than just a trend. If you want to find the best gift for your little one this year, use the following tips at the toy store.

Picking the Perfect Christmas Toy for Your Child

1. Don’t Go Overboard

There are so many fun, stimulating, and colorful children’s toys to choose from, so it’s tempting to go all out. But, unbeknownst to most parents, too many toys can be detrimental to your child. Research shows that fewer toys leads to more focused play as well as increased motor coordination, imagination, and cognition.

2. Choose Quality Over Quantity

One good children’s toy will always be more beneficial than several. Toys that encourage kids to use their imagination will stimulate their creativity, so lean toward gifts that allow your child to make up stories. It’s also a good idea to look for toys that they won’t grow out of immediately.

3. Complement Their Personality

children's toysOn a deeper level than their current fascinations, every individual has notable personality traits that certain gifts are well-suited for. If your child enjoys a challenge, for instance, a puzzle game would make an excellent gift. Affectionate children could use a soft and huggable stuffed animal. Look for a toy that suits their developing personality, skills, and passions.

4. Consider Social Toys

Independent play is essential for personal growth, but it’s also necessary to encourage group play. Board games and card games are excellent ways to get your child sharing, coordinating, and socializing with others. These types of children’s toys will teach them the value of good sportsmanship as well.

5. Pay Attention to Their Interests

Although choosing the right gift takes some critical thought, getting input from your child can be immensely helpful. The last thing you want to do is get them a gift they’ll never use because it has the wrong character on it. Take note of what excites them when they walk down the aisle, and if one item in particular stands above the rest, you may have found your child’s next favorite toy.


When you’re in need of an exceptional Christmas gift for your young one, start your search at Toy Box of Westchester County, NY. As the largest local toy shop in the area for over 40 years, they carry a wide variety of exciting toys for kids of all ages. You can shop for just about any gift including puzzles, dolls, action figures, arts and crafts, sporting goods, and board games. They also offer free gift wrapping and parking for your convenience. To take a look at their inventory, visit their website. Call (914) 698-7110 to speak with a friendly team member about children’s toys.

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