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What to Consider Before Your Furnace Installation December 20, 2018

Ashtabula, Ashtabula
What to Consider Before Your Furnace Installation, Ashtabula, Ohio

If you’ve never bought a furnace before, walking to a store or showroom to find one can be overwhelming. All you know is that you want to heat your living space, but there are many aspects to consider. With just a few tips, you can ensure your shopping and furnace installation experience is stress-free.

3 Factors to Consider Before a Furnace Installation

1. Size

The size of your home will be one of the most influential factors in your furnace choice. Buying a model fit for a one-bedroom house won’t adequately heat your two-story home. To find out what size you need, ask an HVAC contractor to come to your home and perform a Manual J load calculation, considering everything from sheer size to window efficiency. With this measured approach, you’ll know exactly how many BTUs (British thermal units) your furnace should have.

2. Fuel

furnace installationAnother varying factor between furnaces is their fuel source, and you can choose from natural gas, electric, or oil. While natural gas models are most cost-effective in sub-freezing temperatures, oil is excellent for older homes without gas lines in place. With the latter option, you’ll need to store the oil yourself and schedule regular deliveries. While convenient, electric furnaces can be expensive, as this fuel source is harder to generate heat from, but electric heat pumps are a more reasonable solution for year-round HVAC needs.

3. Speed

When browsing furnaces, you may start to notice there are two kinds of blowers, variable-speed, and fixed-speed models. To enjoy optimal comfort throughout your living space, opt for a variable-speed blower, which alters the speed as necessary while moving consistent warm air to your rooms. Fixed-speed blowers are more of a budget option, as they only operate at one speed and don’t adjust themselves by testing the environment as they work.



If you’d like to learn more about your heating options, get in touch with Ziegler Heating Company of Ashtabula, OH. For almost 80 years, they have proudly served area residents with furnace installation, repair, and emergency services. They proudly uphold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®, and they will display their professionalism in helping you find the ideal furnace for your home while suggesting zone control systems. For more information on their work, visit the website or call (440) 969-1141.

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