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4 Situations that Require an Emergency Locksmith January 11, 2019

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4 Situations that Require an Emergency Locksmith, Hurst, Texas

If you’re planning to have your locks re-keyed or install a higher-quality lock, you can usually schedule services with your local locksmith in advance. However, there are several instances when you may need a repair or lockout service in a hurry. Here are five reasons to keep the number of an emergency locksmith handy.

When You Need an Emergency Locksmith

1. After a Break-In

If your lock was damaged by a burglar, you’ll want to replace it right away to get your home safe and secure once again. An emergency locksmith offers the shortest possible wait time before repairs are complete.

2. Locked Out

emergency locksmithIf you locked your keys in your car and you don’t have a spare on hand,  professional can unlock the door quickly and minimize damage to your vehicle in the process. If you lost your keys to your home, a locksmith can install a brand new lock and provide you with multiple copies. Installing a new lock after losing keys is the best option, as it prevents anyone who finds your keys from breaking into your home. 

3. The Key Breaks in the Lock

If you’re stuck outside due to a broken key, your locksmith is the best person to let you back in. They can even remove the broken piece from the lock and provide you with a new copy of the key.

4. You Need Security

Even if you haven’t personally experienced a break-in, you may find out about a series of robberies or other alarming situations in your neighborhood. In situations like this, having your locksmith visit your home the same day can help you improve security and prevent your home from being targeted.



If you need emergency locksmith service, All Hours Locksmith in Tarrant County, TX. This family-owned company prides itself on integrity, and will help you find the best deal on the services you need. Whether you need emergency lock opening or a new system installed, this company provides skilled locksmith contractors who get the job done. To schedule service, call (817) 282-1887 or visit their website to see a list of their service. 

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