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5 Items You Shouldn't Forget on Your Trip to the Laundromat December 27, 2018

Lithonia, DeKalb
5 Items You Shouldn't Forget on Your Trip to the Laundromat, Lithonia, Georgia

It’s no secret that self-service laundromats have made it easier and faster to do your laundry — including those oversized sheets and blankets that won’t fit in standard-sized units. Despite the convenience of these facilities, you’ll still need to bring the right supplies with you for a quick and easy experience. Here’s a laundry list of essentials to take with you on your next trip.

What to Bring to the Laundromat

1. Detergent & Fabric Softener

When making a list of items to bring, detergent and fabric softener should be at the top. Whether you prefer laundry pods or traditional liquid detergent, a lavender smell or the scent of fresh cotton, bringing your own supplies ensures you have many options on hand. Fortunately, if you forget something, many laundromats offer soap or detergent.  

2. Laundry Bags

You’ll need laundry bags to haul everything from your home to the laundromat and back. Sort them prior to your trip, separating the colors from the whites. Designate a laundry bag for your delicate items like underwear and socks and wash them separately from heavier fabrics like quilts and denim. Doing this will keep your items from getting stretched out or lost in the wash cycle. 

3. Spot Cleaner & Brush

laundromatsPack a spot cleaner and brush to treat fabrics on-site. This will get rid of any stubborn stains that regular detergent can’t treat. Apply the cleaning agent and let it soak for a few minutes before loading the washer.  

4. Old Rag or Towel

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with ruined clothes by giving the washer or dryer a once-over before loading. Inspect the insides for any loose or leftover items, like a red sock or denim, and give it a quick wipe with an old rag or towel to remove excess bleach or stains. Once you’re done, clean your hands with a sanitizer or disinfectant to keep them germ-free.

5.Different Forms of Payment

Check what forms of payment your facility accepts before you go. Whether it’s dollar coins, debit cards, or credit cards, you’ll want to be prepared with multiple forms of payment. This will ensure you’re still able to run your laundry in case the machines have any issue accepting cards during your visit, or if you don’t want to put a small charge on your credit card. 


If you’re looking for a clean, efficient laundromat, head to Evans Mill Laundry in Lithonia, GA.  Serving residents throughout DeKalb County and the greater Atlanta area, the self-service facility offers more than a dozen efficiency washers and dryers, arcade games, and free Wi-Fi, so you can sit back and wait for your laundry to finish in a comfortable environment. For your convenience, their machines are both coin-operated and accept debit and credit cards. If you forget any essentials, they even have soap available for use. For more information on the laundromat, call (770) 484-9974 or visit them online. For practical tips and customer reviews, like them on Facebook.

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